CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Sure you are an artist? Style your dinner.

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, November 3, 2021

What if you got a bouquet of onions, squash, olives, carrots, etc., and you could eat it?

My husband and I accomplished another baking trick we didn’t know we had the skills to pull off. We made a Global Grub focaccia, adorned with veggies.

Despite included tongs and suggestions for floral arrangements, birds and even a portrait that resembled our hometown girl Janis Joplin, we fashioned our add-on veggies another way.

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We went with onion and fava bean mandalas. will get kits to your door so you can try your hand at tamales, sushi and more.

It’s family fun for sure and kind of just what the world needs right now.

Your Story. Well Told.

When I heard that Well Told Design could “coordinate” your spot on the map – when the map is a wine glass, water bottle, coaster, flask, etc. – I had to go see.

On the web you can design your coffee mug or what have you to reflect your fave college town, vacation spot or home town.

Even little old us?

My Port Arthur Mason Jar is clear with a white etched grid showing Gilham Circle and a shoreline. So cool.

And I did feel the intended consumer pride. While the site illustrates this as a beverage glass, I put spices in there so I can see it on the pantry shelf every day.

Go to and design something for the whole family, because everybody is somewhere.


If there’s gonna be tears over housework, it will be over the washing, drying, changing and folding bedsheets.

It’s a challenge to achieve alone and triggers disagreements when a spouse is involved.

That’s my house, anyway.

Cindy Bray must know about this. She brings us Wad-Free for Bed Sheets, a plastic square with tabs so you hook up the corners before washing and drying.

Now those sheets won’t get twisted. They dry faster. You save time, money, energy and sanity.

I know I’m not alone. lets you help keep you and those you love from wadding up.

Sea Bear Chowder

“Warm the Body & Soothe the Soul” is on the SeaBear Smokehouse Smoked Salmon Chowder label.

Down here, a message like that comes with gumbo. In the Pacific Northwest, a creamy seafood chowder hits the spot.

It’s not more difficult than boiling water and stirring the contents of this package into milk to get a satisfying and memorable meal. You can hear the waters crashing into the shoreline as you enjoy this soul-southing bowl of flavor.

Learn more at

MYX Light

Maybe the only thing you think you have in common with singer Nicki Minaj is you both like wine.

Great news for you. Her line of myx Moscato and sangrias has expanded to single-serve pink cans of light rose and turquoise cans of light chardonnay.

They’re stylish to hold and bubbly refreshing to imbibe.

These early harvest wines could make your holidays lighter. That desire is probably another thing we all have in common.


Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie willing to try unusual flavors so you don’t have to. Share your experiences with her at