National Coffee Day is brewing; here is how to savor the flavor

Published 10:10 am Monday, September 20, 2021

Celebrate the beans, the brew, the tools and the “quiet time” when National Coffee Day rolls around on Sept. 29. Maybe you’ll abstain from coffee until this day so that your cup will taste extra good.

Who am I kidding?

Let’s get started now with these ideas:

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Coffee for dinner   

Some of us can’t get enough coffee, in any form. For about the price of one fancy cup out, get a Don Pablo Coffee Spice Grinder to season your meats, etc.

You can see the coffee beans peeking out of the Bourbon Coffee, Pepper & Sea Salt grinder. It’s artistic. Grind some Adabo with the addition of chopped garlic, onion and oregano for something new.

Because I’m so into heat, I favor the Organic Coffee Peppercorn & Red Pepper. There’s more. Suggested uses include beef, pork, chicken, seafood and French Fries.

When I mention I’m trying these, people look a bit “confused” by the concept. One taste should convince them. Learn more at


It’s not everyone who can harken memories, create a business around them and deliver a good brew for another generation’s memories.

“We’re a little Nostalgic,” is Taylor Fields’ message on the package. Fields put the feeling of a neighborhood café into brew bags for no-equipment, no-hassle flavor, Dunk twice and drink.

This 100 percent roasted coffee smells so good. What would you expect after Fields partnered with world-class growers and producers for an award-winning roast.

This is the perfect travel treat to take wherever you can get hot water. Here’s another Fields note: “We bring craft and care everywhere we go… from origin to cup.” I like the motto and I like the coffee.

I tried “Memory Lane.”

Learn more at

Cool Coffee Clique

If your coffee makes you laugh and be a little proud, comes with stylish branded gear, you’ll be good to go each morning with your cup.

Cool Coffee Clique pink and gold accent swag for the basic product, just good coffee. Dare you try Strong AF (AND FLAVORFUL) premium coffee? I’m glad I did. It’s sources from “the best coffee farms worldwide” and “roasted to perfection.”

You’ll feel rich and bold and strong just smelling it. Learn more at


Celebrate the sweet but not the sugar with a new line of sweet selections from notpods. I’d mentioned them recently and this new “almond+coconut” creamer comes out in little boxes of sweet crème, French vanilla and caramel.

It’s all the way good and I tried it with nutpods coffee labeled “a little coffee for your creamer.”

These are plant-based, dairy-free and soy-free splashes that will brighten your morning. Learn more at

NanoFoamer for latte art

I was skeptical. Now I’m a believer. Subminimal NanoFoamer makes barista-quality microfoam milk for cappuccinos, etc.

Just the basic tool, with a screened head about the circumference of a quarter, gets inserted into a cup of milk that churns it into a creation you can hear.

Seriously, I hear those little bubbles and hold the cup up to my ear like a seashell for this sensation. It’s mindful.

Change out screens and go for “thick.” The box calls it “stunning velvet textured milk” in just 20 seconds.

I’ve also added cardamom and chocolate powders. Tag your coffee art on their social media. Learn more at

To go with:

So plants make your coffee, your creamer and your snack to go with.

Super Power Bars are very delicious plant-based organic double dark chocolate brownie bars. They have a richness I don’t feel guilty about with 10 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and 1 gram of sugar.

They actually taste like something you cut out of a pan, but they’re packaged to stash in your purse.

These gluten-free babies from are certified organic and Dr. Sara Gottfried puts her name on them.


Is your Un-Honey a blonde? I love the copper, which is “chocolatey and carmelly” according to the label.

That doesn’t go through spell check but it I’m gonna let it pass on warm toast. Try these beauties from The Single Origin Food. Co. in your coffee.

Un-Honey is plant based so no bees were harmed in this so-like-honey-it-may-crystallize creation.

“Cruelty Free and Still Killing It!!” is another boast on the label. Blonde comes from coconut, Amber has cane and Copper comes from dates.

These are organic, unblended nectars. That’s why some of this heavenly sweetness reminds me of my dad drizzling some Steen’s cane syrup over hot French bread after a trip through Louisiana.

This is a modern take on a classic that can go right into your coffee or on an appreciative breakfast side dish.

Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie who understands the power of coffee. What’s your best coffee tip? Share with her at