LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Thank you Port Arthur city workers

Published 12:04 am Saturday, September 4, 2021

Dear editor,


This week I have been amazed at the diligent, professional and most helpful work of Port Arthur workers on my street in Port Arthur.

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What they are doing will save us all from unimaginable water problems in the future. No one sings their praises, yet what they are doing is nothing less than miraculous.

Examples: 1. — I watched them dig and MEASURE the ditches they are clearing to make sure they are at the proper depth.

  1. They have maneuvered gigantic machines on our narrow road without one single incident. That was a sight to behold!
  2. They have always worn masks for safety.
  3. They’ve gone beyond the call of duty by even picking up trash in our yards no matter how it got there. They certainly didn’t cause the trash, for they have been so professional.
  4. They are courteous, friendly and always working hard.

In this day and time, when there are “media stars,” who get attention from meaningless adventures, these people are working diligently every day to truly make a difference for our city and in our lives.

They are the real heroes who need recognition and praise.

You are the master writers. I hope one day you will highlight what they do, day in and day out, to really make a difference.


Linda Foster

Port Arthur