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National Weather Service: Tropical Storm Grace could take general path towards Texas

Tropical Storm Fred is strengthening and is still on track to make landfall in the Florida panhandle Monday night.

No impacts are expected in Southeast Texas from Fred.

It is still VERY uncertain if Grace will impact Texas or Louisiana.

Grace has weakened to a tropical depression, and is not expected to strengthen very much over the next few days as it moves over or near Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba, according to the National Weather Service.

Warning Coordination Meteorologist Roger Erickson said by the time it reaches the Gulf of Mexico Thursday, Grace could be dissipated.

“If it survives, it could strengthen into a tropical storm as it moves west across the Gulf,” Erickson said.

“However, the forecast track has shifted further south, and it is still VERY uncertain if it will impact Texas or Louisiana.”

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