LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Joe Deshotel is needed in Austin

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Editor’s note: State Rep. Joe Deshotel was given the opportunity for equal space to respond and declined to do so.

Where is Joe Deshotel in Port Arthur’s time of need? If it is permitting issues Motiva is facing in Austin, why isn’t he there advocating with the appropriate state agencies?

Oh, because he’s in DC pretending to be a Congressman instead of the State Legislator he is. He swore an oath to represent his district in Austin and where is he in Port Arthur’s time of need? AWOL!

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Port Arthur desperately needs the Motiva downtown renovation projects to move forward, but reports say it is state permitting that has the project tied up in red tape. Who better to cut through that red tape than the man specifically elected to do so? AWOL Joe.

State Rep James White does not believe that improving access to the polls with extended voting hours is a valid excuse to be derelict in his duty.

James White does not believe that making it easier to vote but harder to cheat is reason to desert his constituents.

James White has not left his post and is representing his district in Austin because he has the strength of Character to uphold the oath he swore. Not AWOL Joe.

If AWOL Joe wants to be a Congressman in DC, let him run. Until then, he must get back to Austin and do the work the people of HD 22 elected him to do and get this Motiva project back on track.

Instead, he’s playing Democrat games in DC while the people of Port Arthur have no one looking out for them in Austin.

Thanks for nothing, AWOL Joe.

— Judy Nichols is the Jefferson County Republican Party chair.