CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — What’s in your summer lunch box?

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, June 23, 2021

What are you packin’ for park excursions, bike rides and office lunches?

The “same” works in a rush.

If your summer season is slower, experiment.

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Remember that sandwiches can be for supper and even entertaining.

Our musician friend continues to perfect a bean burger with thin slices of purple onion, avocado spread evenly all the way to the sides and dashes of hot sauce on sprouted Ezekiel-type breads.

Salads make cool sides.

Make that sandwich mindfully and contemplate all the efforts made to grow the food, get it to the market and into your home to nourish you. Prepare, dine and enjoy with gratitude.

What are they smoking in Iowa?

You’d think pecan wood smoked sweet black peppered ham would be my favorite. Maybe next week.

I’m committed to brown sugar ham for today. Hormel Natural Choice chose applewood to flavor garlic and ham turkey breast and ham.

Your mind went to sandwiches, right?

But it’s easy to whip up ham salad from these guys, packaged in a box. They’re minimally packaged with no nitrates, preservatives, artificial ingredients or added hormones.

That’s what they’re smoking in Osceola, Iowa, and it’s what’s for lunch.

The Cheese Guy

Gouda with a smooth soft touch is from pasture-Raised cows that are doing a great job, from the taste of it. Torio is a new one for me.

Sheep and cow milk cheese is semi-hard and didn’t even need a cracker. I enjoyed it on its own.

Parmesan is aged three years and has a just-right bite. It’s so rich.

Now, for the Ghost Pepper Jack… Some heat is coming through in these colorful specks. I like it. is rocking it.

Almonds make yogurt

Toss an Ayo almond milk yogurt into your portable feast to keep your lunch box cool in two ways: temperature and hip, smooth, flavorful treats.

It’s yogurt made personal and delicious, makers say, as every single organic almond comes from their family orchard.

Check out, which will fill you in on this smooth stuff, flavored with berries and vanilla.

Eat a treat and feel healthy.

Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie eying the clock for lunch time. Share your sandwich tips with her at