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LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Port Arthur woman upset with old ice cream

Would you eat ice cream that was made one year ago?

I purchased “Rebel 4g Butter Pecan” from (a local grocery store).

When I opened it, the texture was strange and so was the taste. Then I viewed the expiration date and it read “6/30/20.” I contacted (the grocery store).

Their response was the date listed was the date the ice cream was made and the manufacturer says it’s still good.

I read advice otherwise, that ice cream should only be kept 2 months in a freezer.

The ice cream did not taste good and the texture was weird.

I don’t think anyone would want to eat a carton of year-old ice cream, it’s absurd and …frankly, I’m astounded by (the grocery store’s) response!

— Raynetta Walker, Port Arthur