Port Arthur International Seafarers’ Center Drive Through Cocktail Party delivers great food, support

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The first time I heard of Mexican Street Corn in a cup, I was intrigued. But I never imagined it would rise to cocktail fare status.

Carly Andrews Oubre did her chef magic with this dish in the name of good works.

Sabine Pilots hosted the Port Arthur International Seafarers’ Center Drive Through Cocktail Party this past week at the Pilots’ new home on Jimmy Johnson Boulevard.

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But guests got mainly an outside glance as they drove past hospitality tents. The food came in a sweet little box, and the libations where in wee bottles designed to take home.

This socially distanced affair benefitted seafarer programs and got some of Oubre’s cooking to appreciative supporters.

Her menu included Apple Pie Oat Truffles; Mini Croissant with Smoked Salmon, Dill Cream Cheese, Capers & Red Onions; Bacon, Jalapeno & Cheese Quiche: and French Onion Stuffed Mushrooms.

Lemonette Gourmet Lemon Dressing

I was too young in the ’70s to arrange a trendy brunch, but I sure recall the few “grownup” experiences I enjoyed at fern-adorned establishments in Houston.

Remember crepes were a thing?

Now Lemonette takes me back in style and flavor with a line of lemon-based salad dressings and marinades such as Zesty Cumin. I’ve tried Lemon Garlic and Mediterranean Herb over fresh vegetables and every bite is just … special.

The California product is Non GMO and vegan, so it’s great on grains but also good on poultry and fish.

I say these kids today get fancy fare more readily than I had back then, so hey, the modern crowd should take to Lemonette with equal gusto.

It doesn’t taste better just because it has the word “gourmet” in it. It’s just got better, flavorful and natural ingredients.

Jar Goods

This one is all about the tomato. The Jar Goods creator knows you’re busy, and her father-in-law has a great sauce.

Melissa Vitelli and her sister-in-law became “inner-aisle disruptors” by producing Jar Goods. It’s simply good, beginning with Classic Red.

We went to Classic Spicy first and worked our way through Classic Vodka and Vegan Vodka-Style, too. WE sure get the makers’ concept that it’s smart to have something good on hand in the pantry and there’s zero-guilt in using someone else’s sauce to feed your family.

Also, they make the point of wondering why people tend to use jarred pasta sauce for pasta only?

There are dozens of easy meal ideas when you have Jar Goods this good — jargoods.com.

Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie who’s pretty sure you like to eat as much as she does. She writes for Port Arthur Newsmedia, and you can share your experiences at darraghcastillo@icloud.com.