Port Arthur author explores bedtime adventures with “Go to Bed, Bug!”

Published 12:20 am Saturday, February 13, 2021

Adrienne Lott knows about being a mom and knows about telling a story, so she put the two together to create a wonderful new children’s story, “Go to Bed, Bug!”

Adrienne Lott

It’s a rhyming book that teaches children their numbers using words as part of the page number identifiers.

Lott, a counselor at William B. Travis Elementary School, included bonus activity pages.

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She said the intended audience is any elementary-aged child between 4 and 11 but added it is appropriate for all ages, young and old.

The story is about a clever little girl trying to outsmart her parents by coming up with excuse after excuse as to why she’s not ready for bed at bedtime.

Lott said educators are impressed with how rhyme is taught by sound throughout the story.

“A first grade teacher at Travis Elementary commented that the book uses words that sound alike instead of words that are spelled alike, and this is a plus because teachers have a hard time teaching rhyme to kids — kids look for words that are spelled similarly instead of listening for words that sound alike,” Lott said.

“A 5th grade writing teacher at Travis has already added the book to her curriculum for next year after seeing how well a student with several learning challenges was able to write a book report pointing out all the details of the story’s characters, book format, plot, etc.”

Lott is using the pen name Taryn Tatumn for the book, so the cover and inside pages read “Go to Bed, Bug! by Taryn Tatumn.” The pen name is the names of her daughters put together. Taryn is almost 12 and Tatumn was stillborn.

It is available at BugsBookBag.com and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. for an additional shipping-and-handling fee.

The book will be available from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday at Garage #4621 Tallowood Drive, behind Aspen and Briarwood Lane in the Tallow Woods community off 39th Street between the old gas company and Grammier-Oberle Funeral Home.

There will be a “drive thru grab ‘n go” for purchases pre-paid online through the site via PayPal or in exact cash on site as no change will be given due to pandemic safety protocol.

Each book is $21.65 for local pickup and $26 for shipping cross-country.

When ordering books to be shipped from the website, enter the shipping information in the “Notes” box at the bottom left of the checkout page.

Lott said writing has always been her first love. She posts on social media about the adventures she and her daughter go through, joking as an “old” parent, she was unprepared for the “smart, swift-thinking and sometimes sassy personality” of her daughter.

“People would always comment laughter and say, ‘I hope you’re writing all this down’ or ‘You should write a book about Bug!’ Her nickname is Ladybug and I shortened it to Bug. So that’s exactly what I decided to do.”

Lott said every parent can relate to the challenges that arise at bedtime. She wants to encourage and promote literacy and representation of a diverse cast of characters, “because no matter what race or culture you see, the story at the heart of “Go to Bed, Bug!” remains the same in every household with children.”