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LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Move WWI memorial in time for Memorial Day

Dear editor,

It was the late summer of 2018, Kenneth Stickney (former editor with The News) published a story about David Williams, Hamilton Smith Post 797 and the World War I Memorial hidden behind a chain link fence.
Ken wanted people to know about 1918, Veterans Day 100 years later, the Memorial and Port Arthur History.

It is now 2021, Mr. Williams has passed away without his last wish.

Here is the rest of the story.

George Newsome and Russel Buss were members on the Rotary “The International Avenue of Flags” Display 2015.

In 2018 they read Ken’s article and had a plan. They dug up the history of the 1932 dedication of the Memorial.

In a heartbeat George said he could easily move it: WHERE? DOWNTOWN, NO!

A better location: The War Memorial on highway 73.

A perfect date to have it there, the 100th year anniversary of WWI.

Many Calls were made to the Texas State American Legion and Jefferson County District 2, which maintains the Memorial Site on 73.

Calls, calls, delays, delays and no approvals.

“Hey George: Pick it up, move it! In time for the WWI tribute and then ask forgiveness.”

But Time ran out for 11/11/2018!
NOW WHAT? In Three months Memorial Day 2021.
Need for Grieving, Memorials for Covid, Honor WWI. “Hey George: Memorial Day lets relocate it”.
Remember David Williams, Yes! Yes! Yes!


Russel Buss

Port Arthur