CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Have a heart? Just be a sweetie to someone else.

Published 12:02 am Tuesday, February 2, 2021

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We’re thinking pink here with a bunch of sweet foodie news in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.

Experiences to share? Gifts? Treat yourself from time to time?

Put your heart into these goodies:

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Wine Purses are Real

I used to think long narrow bags were wine purses, because you could put a bottle in there and tote it to a party. Now I understand the PortoVino line of totes, messenger bags and literally “swanky” purses.

You put your wine in the bag, then the bag in the purse, then you bring it to your function and then, you impress your friends by dispensing said wine right from the subtle side flap.

That’s just how it works.

The bags are sturdy, stylish and are 100 percent conversation starters. Hey, you could keep a sandwich instead of wine chilled in the side pocket if it’s a workday.

You’re going to want to carry around one of these bags. I’m keeping organized in a perky pink polyester tote with great lines.

It’s roomy, stylish and holds all the stuff other “dry” purses do. also has very stylish masks that are like silk scarfs. It’s a bag of Valentine “yes.”



It’s not that I don’t love flowers, I have never enjoyed a bouquet as a gift.

They don’t last forever, you know.

Enter Unwilted, working with Italian crepe paper to create each leaf and petal that is hand-cut, painted, shaped and constructed for realism, and art.

These beauties will last. They are both modern and classic. Recipients will think about the thrill of receiving and the giver’s thought for years to come.

You’ll love the color, the detail and the arrangement names, such as Peony for your Thoughts, Crepe Paper Suzette and Saffron Lust.

So, these are the arrangements people like me love to get. They’re sustainable, I’d say.

If you know anyone named after a flower, shop their style at


The cocktail universe

The drama of Singani63 began in 1530 when a single grape grown and distilled in the Bolivian Andies unleashed the cocktail universe.

What does this mean?

I’ve shared in nearly a full bottle’s worth and I’m still not sure. But I love the intrigue. Try this clear brandy as suggested in a spicy margarita, Ramos Fizz, sangria, Vieu Carré or make up your own story.

Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh is part of this release, which I agree is a category of its own. The more I look into it the more of a mystery remains.

A “63” pin implies you are part of a society with exciting plans ahead. A friend of mine let loose with the bottle and came back with a pineapple and ginger blend.

Try what you like, or mix your Valentine one of these:


Bolivian 63

2 ounces Singani 63

.75 ounces freshlemon juice

.75 ounces simple syrup


Lemon Twist

Shake first three ingredients with ice, then stain into a flute glass. Top with Champaign and garnish with a lemon twist –


Safe Catch

Do wild sardines sound wild to you? Who made them so fancy?

Would you think of opening a little can of fish as your birthday meal?

Care and consciousness has elevated the noble tuna fish to gourmet status, even when it comes in a little round can.

Learn how Safe Catch tests every tuna and salmon for mercury at

You can also sort for recipes based on gluten-free, keto and other diets and those friendly to pregnancy and kids.

Bone up on their precautions and you’ll feel good about eating these products. Wild Pacific Pink Salmon looked so fetching in a pink/salmon toned can that I based my birthday meal around this luxuriant fish.

Seafood always says celebration to my family and these are easy staples to stock. The company promoted salmon poppers with cranberry for the holidays and this fish, the official salmon of the American Pregnancy Association, could be my official seafood stock up of the Culinary Thrill Seeking pantry.

Also, I’m upcycling the cute little can for succulent plantings.


Wet Hydration

The pink one is Dragon Fruit + Yerba + Hibiscus. But maybe your Valentine prefers the green one: Cucumber Lime + Vitamin E + Collagen.

It’s all good and it’s no calories. That’s a plus in my glass. Wet Hydration “curated nutrients,” “blended in perfect harmony.”

If you’re going Keto or Gluten-Free, vegan, Kosher and Non-GMO, grab a BPA-free bottle of these flavors and refuel.

How well do you research your drinks? If you just go for flavors, such as Watermelon + Lemon Lime + Electrolytes, then you can get potassium with intrinsic antioxidants tossed in. Orange + Mango + Ginger + Turmeric is a flavor trend with zero calories and I’m drinking it up –


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