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Wednesday night local COVID snapshot: Drastic spike in Mid-County & record ventilator utilization

Mid-County was singled out Wednesday evening for the region’s recent COVID-19 diagnosis spike.

In a report issued at approximately 7:50 p.m. Wednesday, Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick announced 213 new cases were reported in Jefferson County, with Mid-County reporting the highest number of cases at 139.

There were 59 new cases in Groves and 64 new cases in Nederland reported Wednesday.

Hospitalizations and ICU utilization due to COVID-19 remain very high in Jefferson County, Branick said, adding ventilator utilization due to the coronavirus set a record high of 30.

On Wednesday, the City of Port Arthur and Jefferson County Health Departments reported additional COVID-19 positive individuals for Port Arthur, Groves, Port Neches and Nederland. There were confirmations of ten for Port Arthur; 59 for Groves; 64 for Nederland; and six for Port Neches.

For more information, read: https://www.panews.com/2021/01/07/port-arthur-hospital-opens-3-tier-covid-response/