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PA Greater Minority Chamber asks shoppers to support Black-owned biz during holiday season

The Port Arthur Greater Minority Chamber of Commerce and the Obama Foundation issued statements encouraging shoppers to buy from local Black-owned businesses this holiday season.

The Obama Foundation said on its website 41 percent of Black-owned businesses have shut their doors this year, as the COVID-19 pandemic has hit these establishments “especially hard.”

The foundation is issuing an #OFCareChallenge aimed at supporting Black-owned businesses. Shoppers can browse GoFundMe, We Buy Black, Official Black Wall Street and Support Black Owned website to identify these businesses in their communities impacted by COVID-19. The foundation has also challenged major retailers to commit 15 percent of their shelf space to Black-owned businesses by signing a 15 Percent Pledge petition.

“We encourage the community to support Black businesses which circulate dollars back into our community,” chamber Executive Director Ike Mills said. “Appreciate the Obama Foundation reminding everyone across America to ‘Support Black-owned businesses this giving season.’ Despite the COVID-19 pandemic we are faced with, we are excited about opportunities ahead for Black businesses and look forward to the New Year, 2021.”