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CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Cajun Christmas all wrapped up

Jim Labove’s Sabine Pass youth kept him close to the gators shrimp, crab and pelicans he now draws on cards — suitable for framing — and gift tags.

With 2020 set to be a holiday like no other, cheer yourself by writing good thoughts and sending a bit of our Southeast Texas spirit to others. Everyone needs a bit of bayou now and then.

You’ll be in the mood for Cajun Food when you’re filling out these cards, so try some recipes in one of Labove‘s books. All this swag plus tote bags, pillows and apparel is available from Cottons-Seafood.com.

If you’re feeling crabby, announce it on a T-shirt!

Smell the Churros
Dirt was a premier Demeter sent and now you can check out Paperback.

I can imagine this scent from the Fragrance Library named for the Greek goddess of agriculture.

Inhale its version of Puppy’s Breath and Lobster if you feel adventurous. I can vouch for foodie aromas of Churros, Maple Syrup and Lobster. They are conversation pieces of the senses.

Layer subtle scent from appealing bottles to lift your day. Design your own “pick-me-up cologne spray at www.demeterfragrance.com for a fun stocking stuffer they won’t forget.

Dine with Birch
Did you ever eat in the woods? Or with “wooden” guests?

Foodstiks invites you to dine with birch wood, because their cut-above cutlery is formed with biodegradable birch wood, forming attractive fork, spoon and well-ridged knife sets you can feel better about.

I wish there were more of these everywhere. They class up a party and are very good for our earth. Www.foodstiks.com

Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie ready for the Hallmark movie season. Reach her at darraghcastillo@icloud.com