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COVID precautions should not keep children from parents

The extreme control measures that are being put into place by individuals with far left political views are scary. A principal refused to let me check my 9-year-old son out of school for an emergency, due to COVID-19 Safety Precautions.

I knew I couldn’t enter the school campus, so I stayed in my car and called the front desk. I spoke with the secretary and the principal of the elementary school, and they both refused to give me my child.

That alarmed me. I knew this was against the law. I knew the principal didn’t have the authority to withhold my child from me. I asked her if she was sure she was not going to give me my kid.

She still refused. I was furious and really alarmed by this point because I am his legal guardian and she knows me.

I couldn’t stay outside of the school arguing for my kid because I had another child to pick up across town. I knew my child was safe, but this is something a communistic country would do, so I’m simply trying to raise awareness.

She was infringing upon my rights like many other far-left Democrat policy holders try and force upon us.

This was my child she was assuming authority over, and she wouldn’t give him to me. As I rushed to my next destination, I called the Port Arthur Police Department. The dispatcher said she couldn’t help me. She referred me to the PAISD Administration Office.

Thank God several individuals that worked at the PAISD Administration Office agreed that the principal was wrong for withholding my child from me. Two hours later, once I made it back to the elementary school to get my kids from the principal, she finally admitted she was wrong and apologized.

This issue has been resolved and I refuse to slander her name, but far left Democratic type safety precautions, regulations and polices like these that are not supported by our legal system must be exposed and rejected.

We must stand up for our constitutional rights and know the authority we have as parents. The school system or any other entity should not have this much control over us or our kids. It’s against the law.

— SanJuanita Vela, Port Arthur