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JOHN LYCAN — Port Arthur BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals employees, administrations value nonprofit support

I am excited to be back at the BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals site as the Vice President of Operations and Site General Manager.

I spent 12 years at the Port Arthur facility from 1999-2012 and have more than 30 years of experience in the chemical industry. I look forward to getting reacquainted with the community members, area business leaders and elected officials.

My leadership at the site begins during a very serious pandemic and the difficult circumstances COVID-19 is creating at the local, state and national levels.

The impact of COVID-19 on nonprofit organizations during 2020 has been crippling in many ways and has required the groups to creatively adapt to stay afloat and meet the ongoing needs of the community.

Every day, nonprofits touch the lives of individuals in need while also playing a vital role in the state’s economy and provision of services. In response to COVID-19, nonprofits have stepped up without hesitation to serve their communities, safeguard public health and support their own employees.

Now more than ever, these organizations need our support and philanthropic giving to continue serving communities in the months ahead.

Employees at BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals have more than 20 years of supporting community charities with financial donations and hours of volunteering to help others thrive.

BASF, parent company of BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals, contributes approximately $5 million annually throughout communities in North America and annually sponsors a workplace United Way campaign for employee giving in the month of October.

The Port Arthur BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals site hosts several events during the United Way campaign period, including the Live United 5K and 1K for Kids, held virtually this year due to the pandemic.

Now more than ever, charitable giving is needed to address the many needs that have been created by the pandemic as well as Hurricanes Laura and Delta.

While charitable giving is a personal choice, I truly hope community members will consider donating to the United Way this year to ensure local non-profit agencies funded by area United Way organizations can continue their important work in our hometowns.

If you’ve never donated to this campaign, this year is a great time to start and help those in need.

Communities and local businesses benefit from a strong nonprofit sector and play an important role in ensuring this sector remains strong.

To guarantee that local nonprofits have the capacity, resources and flexibility to best serve their communities now and well beyond COVID-19, we all can play a part to strengthen and support the nonprofit sector.

John Lycan is Vice President of Operations Port Arthur – Site General Manager for BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals. For more information, email carol.hebert@basf.com.