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LETTER TO EDITOR — Mask mandate pointless in PA, Mid-County without enforcement

WHY are masks not being worn in places of business?

Why are owners and managers of businesses here in our area not enforcing the mandate?

I asked the Store Manager of a large supermarket in Port Arthur this question.

He answered that he refused to speak to any customer about not wearing a mask. He said that there is a sign at the entrance and that they will give a mask to anyone who asks for one, and that is all they will do.

He further added that I could call the police if I wanted to, but that he knows from past experience that they won’t do anything.

I suggested to him that seems to indicate that mask wearing is simply voluntary, not compulsory.

During our brief conversation I pointed out no less than five persons and one employee who were not wearing a mask or had their mask below their nose and mouth.

I told him about two other employees who were similarly not wearing a mask properly. He was unconcerned.

This occurred Monday morning, Oct. 19,  shortly before noon. I left the store before completing my shopping because I felt terribly unsafe there.

I went to large combination department store/grocery store in Port Arthur and also to a smaller grocery store in Nederland.

The situation in those stores was the same or worse. Approximately 25 percent of the customers I saw in just a few minutes time were not wearing mask or were not wearing one properly.

How can a city, county or statewide mandate be helpful if there is no initiative to comply with it or enforce it?

Our family members, friends and neighbors are getting sick and dying in increasing numbers here in Texas.

Doesn’t anybody CARE?

— Deborah Fuselier, Port Arthur