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Hurricane Delta’s major winds leave much of Port Arthur, Mid-County without power

Much of Port Arthur and Mid-County are without power as the sun begins to work its way up into the Saturday morning sky.

The winds and impact of Hurricane Delta were significantly more than local officials or area residents anticipated, as no mandatory evacuations were called prior to the storm’s landing in southwest Louisiana.

There is extensive wind damage across the region that will be easier to evaluate as the day’s sun shines some some light on a region hard hit by the category 2 hurricane’s impact.

Weather officials said Port Arthur and Mid-County endured stronger winds with Hurricane Delta as compared to Hurricane Laura.

Hurricane Delta made landfall near Creole, Louisiana.

As of 6 p.m. Friday, Entergy Texas reported more than 67,000 customers without power primarily in Beaumont, Orange, Port Arthur and Winnie. That number has surely risen to more than 100,000 as of Saturday morning across Southeast Texas.

Entergy said after assessing damage to its system, it would provide an estimated restoration time and other information about local outages.

That was not available as of 5 a.m. Saturday, as Entergy seems to be in the same position as most of the region.