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LETTER TO EDITOR — Fan wants better officiating at Titans games

While watching the game between Port Arthur Memorial and Port Neches-Groves this past Friday (Sept. 25), I thought I was watching the game from Oct. 20, 2017, when it came to officiating.

The officiating was terrible. It was almost a carbon copy of the 2017 game. If I remember correctly, in 2017 Port Arthur was penalized 13 times for 114 yards; PNG 3 times for 15 yards. The game this past Friday, I counted 13 penalties on Port Arthur for 120 yards; PNG 6 penalties for 45 yards.

I think someone should send videos of these games to UIL and have a talk with these officials.

Even with the horrible officiating, our Buffalo Soldiers (Titans) still prevailed over those PNG Indians.

If UIL permits the schools to have a basketball season, PNG will have to face us at least two times on the court. We will be watching the officiating closely.

When they step on the basketball court against us, I hope our players will do what Nikita Khruschev said while addressing Western Ambassadors at the Polish Embassy in Moscow on Nov. 18, 1956.

If I sound very upset in this letter, it is because I’m upset about the one-sided officiating. But I can tell you, I’m not the only person in Port Arthur that feels this way.

— Charles Brown, Port Arthur

(Editor’s Note: Mr. Brown explained Khruschev told Western Ambassadors “We will bury you!”)