CULINARY THRILL SEEKING: Hot sauce options still plentiful following hurricane

Published 12:08 am Wednesday, September 9, 2020

A spicy gentleman I know posted that he was in a culinary pinch without his favorite hot sauce.

This led me to dash to my own kitchen and do a pepper sauce check of my own.

There was enough Tabasco bottles and other blends to last many household a lifetime. They are used at nearly every meal that fresh or powdered peppers are not. I rounded up a few for my own posting, and then a Port Arthur friend became concerned there was a shortage in the stores, but not to worry!

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That’s how rumors get started.

This anecdote is to indicate just how much I love my hot sauce and to tease about a brand appropriately named Hellfire that I am not quite ready to discuss.

Wow, that was hot.

At this juncture I will simply say a drop of this stuff was one of the three top heat rushes of my life. Until we meet again, please, season responsibly.


Harvest Snaps

What if popping a crunchy, cheesy snack was not a guilty pleasure?

Popper Duos, out from Harvest Snaps, has a Salsa & Cheddar ball boasting two flavors in one bite.

If I close my eyes, I get the taste of the melty bowl of cheese depicted on the bag.

The bag of Yellow & White Cheddar is just as good and I’m truly trying to share it.

The cheesy flavor made them a great side for morning eggs, a mid-morning snack, a luncheon salad topper and an afternoon snack.

By share, I meant share it with my whole day.

The secret? These are green pea crisps and they won’t set you back in the guilt department. Veggie-based snacking has its perks.


Sprout Living
It was the Coffee Mushroom that intrigued me. It turned out to be my favorite flavor in the Epic Protein line from Sprout Living.

I imagined myself curled up on a log bench enjoying a mug of this concoction with a gnome.

The mythical creature and I would talk about the Chocolate Maca and Vanilla Lucuma, too.

Those were my top picks of superfood powders to mix with water or blend into a smoothie.

It’s filling “food” on the go and the info booklet labels it “cleaner plant nutrition that tastes better too.”

I do say it is several steps above other offerings that come out green in your cup. Other varieties are Green Kingdom, Original, Pro Collagen and Real Sport.

If you’re already into this, you should already be sold. If this is a gateway mix for you, go in:


Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie who is one of the “some” who like it hot. Share your culinary adventures with her at