DD7 prepares for Laura with 36 miles of flood levee, 20 pump stations

Published 10:22 am Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Officials with Jefferson County Drainage District No. 7, which are responsible for 36 miles of hurricane flood levee and its 20 pump stations, maintain these throughout the year.

Before storms hit, workers heck channels to make sure they are free of debris and make sure pumps have fuel and are working properly, Ronnie Hiller, supervisor for DD7, said.

Once everything is secure, some will head to higher ground such as the Jack Brooks Regional Airport.

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But as soon as the winds calm down, they will bring in vehicles, disperse, clear debris and resume operations.

As of Wednesday morning the National Weather Service was forecasting the arrival of dangerous Hurricane Laura.

Previous break in levee

Several years ago there was damage to a section of the Hurricane Protection Levee near Taylor Bayou in Port Arthur. A temporary sheet pile wall was put in place and held when Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017.

Since then repairs have been made and approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.