LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Shopping local makes Nederland stronger together

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Our community was built on local businesses and industry. While industry continues to employ the lion’s share of our local citizens, Small Businesses remain the bedrock of Nederland and our surrounding communities.

Together, we are fierce in our resolve to weather the pandemic that grips our country and, indeed, the entire world. Not all will still be standing at the end of this battle, but we will find a way to combat the issues that will arise from the outcome of this situation just as we have done through past hurricanes and floods and other disasters, TOGETHER.

We are asking every citizen in our city, our county and beyond, to help your neighbors by shopping local. The shop owner on the corner or in your downtown district might just live on your street.

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Your kids might go to school with theirs or you may even teach their kids. We are all invested in the success of our local business community.

The convenience of shopping with people we know and trust, right here in our own community, is invaluable.

As an individual you may wonder, what good will my one purchase do for the community?

Well, it’s not about each one of us and what we can do as individuals, it’s about all of us working together as one strong community.

We are united by the power that we have, collectively, to help each other overcome the effects of the COVID-19 era.

Working together, we can make a difference. Please, stand with us in this initiative to shop local. Thank you.

— Diana LaBorde, President; Nederland Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors; and Staff