CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Keep jackfruit hip

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Someone says Chicago and you’re craving jackfruit. Right?

Do you even know what that is? That giant, bumpy fruit is in stores, but if you want to try it as a hip, vegan main course, visit the Upton’s Naturals web site.

They have a Chicago eatery, but you can order a variety of products online. Formal “old fashioned” gentlemen with various states of moustache, beard and bowtie adorn packages of shelf-stable jackfruit in original, barbecue, chili lime, Thai curry, etc.

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I feel hip myself, because a friend told me that vegetarians love the versatility of this fruit that can seasoned with flavors from around the globe. It rather feels like meat.

Phooey you say? She shared some of her cooking with me and I loved it. But I sure didn’t want to haul a jackfruit home and hassle with that.

Upton’s Naturals keeps their fruit in tidy, fun packaging and my unsuspecting spouse consumed his attractive plate of “barbecue” without being to questioning on what had exactly been “barbecued.” If you are at all into the vegan scene, this is a 100 percent interesting investment.


Strawberry Rose Infusion

When a little dab will do you, when you are worth the best quality and when you’re a sucker for beautiful bottles, Runamok Maple has your back. They have your breakfast, if you’re into dressing up a muffin or pancake with some pure, infused, barrel-aged Vermont syrups. Forget that high-fructose stuff and really get the flavor of incredibly imaginative concoctions such as the latest limited edition: Strawberry Rose Infused Maple Syrup from

“Fancy” is a pedestrian description for the “silky, sweet and floral” blend. Try it over fresh fruit.

Does your syrup transcend from breakfast to an asset to salads and cocktails? I’m a fan of the Coffee-Infused blend that can flavor a kickin’ cocktail. “Wardrobe Malfunction” is the cocktail that calls for Runamok Maple’s ginger root infusion and guava juice. These Vermonters are funny, huh? While their ingredients are simple, their ideas are myriad, ranging from toasting nuts, paring with cheese and flavoring your grilled chicken thighs.


Just the ticket

It seems like more folks of all ages are looking into CBD oil for aches and pains, migranes and calming effects.

JustCBD Oil Tincture is just one of a plethora of products this company puts out. The web site offers answers to all your questions on gummies in various shapes and strengths, creams for joint relief and softer skin and even bath bombs and soap. Reviews include praise from those who get relief from arthritis and a bunch of other not-trendy pains that people get. Read up if you need to get beyond the jokes about these products. These makers are among the serious ones and they go out of their way to explain what you’re getting, especially with drops to be taken under the tongue. When I asked friends and relatives if they wanted to try some gummies, I learned that many had already done the research and some had already tried them. Can you tell me anyone who hasn’t been under some extra stress this year? I have to say, I liked the aroma and quality of the soap and everything else I’ve tried from JustCBD. Some of the fruits are just right for topping yogurt and you can mix the oils into cocktails.


Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie living like she loves it. Reach her at