CASSANDRA JENKINS — “Be the Light Movement” sparks gratefulness in dark times

Published 12:06 am Wednesday, June 3, 2020

“Right now the world is filled with negativity and uncertainty. People attacking each other for merely having a difference of opinion.”

These are the first two sentences of Brittany Marlatt’s Monday Facebook post.

Marlatt, owner of Nederland Fit Body Boot Camp, is part of the “Be the Light Movement,” a stance taken by the franchise to spread positivity and gratefulness in a world currently plunged in darkness.

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“At Fit Body we always want to be a beacon of hope and positivity,” Marlatt said. “The goal of the Fit Body ‘Be the Light Movement’ is so that for the month of June, we can drown out the darkness and negativity with our courage, strength and positivity.”

The four-week program runs from June 1 to June 27 promoting people to reach out to the deserving people in their lives to show love and gratefulness.

The first step of the program includes printing out a “Gratitude List” and writing 24 people you are grateful for.

The next step includes sending a message to that person (one per day) to share why you are grateful for them.

Lastly, the program calls for posting a Facebook graphic of the day and tagging the person mentioned above.

Marlatt said the goal of the movement is threefold.

“When you’re grateful, it will change your entire state,” she said. “The person receiving the gratitude will feel great and put them in a better state. Not only messaging them directly, but posting the graphic of the day and tagging someone, will make gratitude go viral to brighten up our world.”

While the movement is marketed to Fit Body members, the idea is one that all should take advantage of.

We can all use a bit of light in a world thrust into chaos and darkness. Rising against injustice, cruelty and senseless violence is a must, but in our rage we cannot forget about our gratitude.

Turn to the brothers, sisters, friends, families and allies standing beside you and give thanks for their bravery, sacrifice or solidarity.

Call or message loved ones who are with you in spirit and mind so that when the chaos settles and the sun rises, we can remember those standing, seating or kneeling next us when change is made.

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Cassandra Jenkins is a news reporter at The Port Arthur News. She can be reached at