CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Crawfish cravings and twists

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, April 22, 2020

This was going to be the season of crawfish for us. We lost my mother last fall and my husband and I planned to enjoy as many pounds of crawfish as we could in her honor. It is not coming to pass as planned, though I’ve been stirring Cajun seasoning into everything I can think of while quarantined.

Twice in one week I heard of something new to toss in the boil pot: Oranges or orange juice. I heard it from someone I was doing business with on the phone when he heard I was from Port Arthur, and I read it in a magazine on Vietnamese crawfish get-togethers. I have never attempted to boil these famous crustaceans myself, but it’s still a great tip I want to share with those who do. You’ll invite me when you try it, mais no?

The good people at are promoting Louisiana Sweet Potatoes, Yams via a card suggesting you “sweeten the pot when you boil” by adding fresh yams. Add them to the boiling water with the seasonings. That’s some progressive thinking — and bound to make the corn and potatoes a little jealous.

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 Making do update

  • Quarantine cooking: I’ve still got bread so a cheese sandwich became extra special by grilling. With all my efforts to eat as healthy as possible, I could not help grilling this sandwich in a rare stash of bacon grease. It upped the game considerably.
  • Spring rolls: Chefs suggest keeping rice paper as a pantry staple and I pulled out my stash from Port Arthur Vietnamese markets. I did such a good job with the drizzle of sriracha-soy sauce that my husband barely noticed that a vegan soy patty was the main ingredient. Score for moving older product off my shelves.

Be well

Wellness is a thing now, more than ever. Eat your veggies and take your supplements. I never had vitamins as a youth or young adult, but the natural ones are sounding more appealing all the time. Sael Wellness offers Happy Apple, a very pleasant gummy that tastes like apple cider and vinegar, because that’s what it is. The vinegar’s benefits are said to include weight loss, increased energy and lower blood sugar, along with clearer skin and controlled cravings. The ginger helps fight off infection, reduces inflammation and reduces nausea, among other things. It’s a delicious backup. I don’t really need help falling asleep, but Sael’s melatonin and magnesium strawberry vegan gummies are a natural version of what many already take. We all want better sleep these days.

Voke makes a chewable super food tablet for mental focus, clear thinking and upbeat mood. Do you have someone in your house pointing to you now saying “You need that”? Chew one in the morning and save the other for evening to “nourish your mind, perform your best at work and be present for friends and family. I liked the taste and nobody can tell me I haven’t been at my very best of late, considering what’s going on everywhere. Ingredients here are red beetroot, taw guarana seed, green tea caffeine and acerola cherry. I’m cheery.

Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie in the middle of this with all of you Port Arthur News readers. Contact her at