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See how you can use flashlights on Good Friday to celebrate as one faith community

PORT NECHES — Good Friday, one of the holiest days among Christian religions, will be observed in a somewhat different way this year as COVID-19 keeps people from gathering in groups and out of houses of worship.

Kelly Plante of Port Neches stumbled upon a way to unify neighbors during this spiritual time with a “Shine your Light night.”

Plante, who has taken part in a number of uplifting events in the city from the teddy bear and Easter egg hunts to dressing as the Easter Bunny and sitting outside and waving to passing cars, saw the “Shine Your Light Night” event and decided to pitch the idea to neighbors and friends.

The premise is simple: At 8:30 p.m. on Good Friday, walk to the end of your driveway and shine your flashlight up to Heaven and say the Lord’s Prayer.

“Church doors may be closed, but we are the church,” Plante said.

The simple act of shining the flashlight and praying has deep meaning.

People are told not to congregate for health reasons but the meaning is still there without the building.

She also has faith in her Port Neches community that comes together to support one another, even if it is at a distance temporarily.

And when it’s time for a church service, the Plantes will watch on Facebook live, she said.

Port Neches resident Maria Sims feels the same.

“In our times of darkness and isolation we are never alone,” Sims said. “We will come together as Christians and let our lights shine, giving God all of the glory.”

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