CULINARY THRILL-SEEKING — Plan on avocado toast (later? soon?)

Published 12:09 am Thursday, March 26, 2020

Culinary Thrill Seekers, please share your tips on “making do” in tough times.

Let’s be about creativity and making the most of what we have. I’ll be sharing some go-through-the-pantry tales, but I’d already planned to talk about avocado toast, which I hope is in our near future.

Avocado toast has been a thing, yet it’s still raising eyebrows as a breakfast go-to.

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As much as I’ve heard of it, I haven’t actually experienced it that much. While it seems like an extravagant brunch thing, how much more labor intensive is it to peel an avocado and spread it on toast than to assemble any other flavor you’d like on your toast or tortilla?

Years ago I’d heard avocado referred to as poor man’s butter. Now I think it’s a beyond butter luxury. Try it with eggs, seeds, nuts, yogurt or cheese.

A friend recently treated me to the new Toasted Yolk restaurant in Beaumont and insisted I snap a photo of my avocado toast. It’s such an indulgent serving of total goodness that you can’t see the avocado. But it is soooo there. I hope avocados and other “luxuries” are in our near future.

Easter hopes

Family farmer owned Welch’s is proud to let you know that fruit is the first ingredient in their gummy snacks molded into little flowers, eggs, bunnies and chicks. Check Target for egg-shaped packaging or little pouches that will be welcome in Easter baskets.

As an adult, I have the self-control to make one of these little bites last a very long time. So, these will be welcome for all sorts of fun decorating projects, too.

Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie riding it out with everyone else. Share your ideas with her at