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Questions? Texas Medical Association provides this advice for COVID-19

The Texas Medical Association issued a press release this weekend on COVID-19 with the following recommendations:

“Here’s what you need to remember to protect yourself: Wash your hands thoroughly and often; cough into your elbow or a tissue then throw it away; avoid touching your face; and by all means, stay home if you are sick. If you have a fever and cough, call your doctor’s office for instructions; do not automatically go to your doctor’s office or to an emergency department.

“If you’re mildly ill, you don’t need to go to the emergency room, or even your doctor’s office, because there is no treatment. So if you’re reasonably healthy, you can take care of a mild illness yourself, as you would the flu.

“However, if you are in a risk group including older people or those with underlying health issues, call your doctor’s office for advice about what to do. And of course anyone experiencing severe emergency symptoms like shortness of breath should seek medical care – but call first if at all possible.

“TMA and Texas physicians stand beside Governor Abbott, Texas Department of State Health Services Commissioner of Health John Hellerstedt, MD, and other Texas leaders, working to keep our patients healthy and safe.

“Be calm, be cautious, and take care of each other.”