Renewal offer heading straight to TWIA policyholders

Published 12:06 am Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association policyholders should watch their mailboxes.

TWIA is the wind and hail insurer of last resort for residential and commercial property located in the 14 coastal counties of Texas. With approximately 191,000 policies in force, TWIA protects buildings and contents totaling $56.1 billion in coastal communities.

New laws passed by the Texas Legislature allow TWIA policyholders to receive an annual renewal offer in the mail to continue their coverage directly from TWIA instead of through an insurance agent.

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Policyholders will receive a postcard in the mail explaining these changes, as well as a policy renewal packet.

Before the policy renewal date, TWIA will mail a packet containing a policy renewal offer, an explanation of changes in the new policy contract, and instructions on how to update and renew your TWIA policy.

Policyholders can still work with and submit payment through an insurance agent. Policyholders now have the option to mail a payment directly to TWIA.