LETTER — Councilmembers spark PA growth

Published 12:05 am Saturday, March 7, 2020

Dear Editor,

My, how the City of Port Arthur has grown! As a resident of Port Arthur all of my life, I sit in awe and amazement thinking about the enormous strides of economic development our “little city” has experience in the last few years. Not knowing the financial details of our City, one can only imagine the tax dollars pouring in from so many sources. Refinery expansions, LNG Plants being built and renovated, downtown areas being transformed, RV Parks and hotels, hotels, and hotels being built; WHEW! It seems our “little city” will never be the same.

Who shall get the credit for this? The current Port Arthur councilmembers who are committed to do what it takes to move our Port Arthur community forward.

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During much of this time, Councilmembers Charlotte Moses, Thomas Kinlaw III and Cal Jones have voiced appropriate concerns and helped to move actions forward. We should pay attention to those who not only “talk the talk,” but also “walk the walk.” Selecting new (or former) councilmembers now will slow down or reverse this forward motion.

It hasn’t happened over night, but just look around our city and we can all see how much more prosperous it is now. Yes, there is much to be done with city streets and unsafe and unattractive areas (some already being improved). There is evidence of a breakthrough that these councilmembers are more attentive to the needs of the citizens and community.

For so many years in the past, it’s been “industry” that gets all the attention. Now, there is more attention given to “We the people…” It is so important to balance the attention of both “industry” and “community” alike.

I’d also like to acknowledge the great work of the PAEDC, Parks and Recreation Dept., PIC, Planning & Zoning, City Manager and our new Assistant City Manager over Finance.

Please help and support councilmembers Moses, Kinlaw and Jones and give them the opportunity to continue their actions for growth and commitment to our Port Arthur community. Let’s keep this train moving forward. PLEASE VOTE to keep Port Arthur moving forward with progress that will benefit and enhance the lives of our present and future residents.

Susan Chirafis

Port Arthur