BRIAN JOHNSON ON OUTDOORS — Benefits of getting a child a duck dog

Published 12:02 am Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I have always heard that a dog was man’s best friend, and in some cases I can see where that might be the truth.

Even if it isn’t, there are several reasons that I believe every child should grow up with a duck dog, and not just any dog, but a sure enough duck fetcher.

As the father of four, I can tell you that having a retriever around has been very beneficial to my children. Below are some of the benefits.

  1. Dogs teach responsibility. By letting a child take care of their very own dog, I believe it prepares them for life where they will have to take care of others. Learning to feed, clean and see to the dog’s wellbeing will help your child learn that they are not the center of the universe.
  2. Having a duck dog provides a time to bond with your child. Unlike just a family pet, a duck dog requires a considerable amount of training and even time in the field hunting. Each of these hours presents a great opportunity for you to join your child and to make lasting memories.
  3. Your child can learn a skill. When your child spends time training their dog, they will begin to learn a skill set. They will also learn patience. There will be many teaching opportunities along the way that you as a parent can relate to life.
  4. Dogs are comforting. There is simply something that feels right about petting your dog or scratching his ears after a long day at school. Even though he doesn’t understand what their day was like, it sure feels like he does. Throwing a few bumpers for the dog to fetch will also help relieve tension and anxiety as your child is able to take his or her mind off of what may be bothering them.

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Is a dog going to solve all of your problems and give you hope? No, only Jesus can do that! However life is better with a great duck dog.

Brian Johnson, originally of Port Neches, is pastor of First Baptist Church of Winnie, owner of and outdoors writer for The News.