VALENTINE’S DAY — Brazells of Memorial Baptist count love for God as key to marriage

Published 12:15 am Friday, February 14, 2020

After 38 years of marriage, Bill and Beverly Brazell know what it takes to for a strong relationship.

Bill, pastor at Memorial Baptist Church in Port Arthur, and his wife Bev, music minister among other titles, are a Christ-centered couple who actually met while at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth back in 1980.

“God has always been in the center of our lives and the desire to serve and to live for Christ,” Bill Brazell said.

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That fateful day decades ago, Bev was in the campus library reading a book on evangelism when Bill came along and started talking to her.

Bev, from Orlando, Fla., and Bill from Marietta, Ga., married in August 1981.

“The Bible tells us that Christ loved the church so much, he died for our sins and the church is like the bride of Christ. It is a picture of what his relationship is with his people,” he said.

There are benefits to a strong faith in relation to their marriage. Bill said they have a stronger, more fulfilling, more satisfying and more joyous experience because “if you’re not happy at home, you’re not happy.”

The couple is together a lot and seek out activities they can enjoy together.

“I like to play tennis and she does not,” he said with a laugh. “She did good at playing racquetball, though. We kept looking for things because we like spending time together. I talk and she listens.”

The Brazells enjoy the outdoors and found a trip to Yellowstone National Park a lot of fun. They took photos of birds, animals and wildlife and just like being outdoors.

“That was one of our fun things to do together,” he said.

They also practice the ministry together, trying to reach people and help the church grow.

“We want people to know our church is here to help other people have a good marriage, and one of our goals is to help couples discover romance and relationship that can last a lifetime,” Bill said.

The couple offered some tips for a long, happy marriage:

  • Focus on what draws you together. The relationship with God and having a church family can help. We need a group of people around us that value marriage, value love and value God’s love.
  • We tend to be selfish by nature and God works to transform us and see the other person.
  • Always kiss each other good night.
  • Don’t go to bed angry with each other and when you speak to your husband or wife, speak words that encourage and build them up.

Valentine’s Day

The Brazells and their children will be with family on Valentine’s Day, spending time with Bev’s father in Florida for a belated 90th birthday celebration.

Memorial Baptist Church is located at 4011 Memorial Blvd. in Port Arthur. Call 409-983-5654 for more information.