CARL PARKER — The Census is important

Published 12:06 am Friday, January 17, 2020

Dear Editor,

The current 2020 Census is extremely important, particularly in Texas and more so the southeast corner of our state.

Census count this year will determine how $675 billion in federal money are allocated among the several states. The Congress will also decide whether or not Texas gains three more congressional seats in Congress, thereby increasing our state’s stroke and importance.

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Even our cities are at risk in losing from a low Census count. As an example, the city of Port Arthur could possibly lose federal funding of our public transportation system.

Census can perceptively effect allocations of funds or benefits flowing, particularly from our federal government.

California, in an effort to maximize the Census count, has allocated $187 million to the effort. Many states, cities and/or counties have created task forces to encourage participation in the Census count.

Unfortunately, Jefferson County, Texas nor any of Jefferson County’s cities have made any effort whatsoever to assist in encouraging people to see that they are counted in this year’s census.

Repeatedly we have heard that when a government’s leaders have no vision, the people perish. Well, certainly if our city and county leaders cannot envision the next 10 years without an accurate Census count, how can we rely on them to have a vision projecting 50 or 100 years into the future of our city, state and nation?

It is time for our city councils and Commissioner’s Court to join together and create a task force of leading citizens who concentrate on how we can maximize our population count in this corner of Texas.

It is especially important in our state because of the numbers of immigrants, particularly those who are non-English speaking. Unfortunately, it is apparent there is a reluctance on the part of many of our residents to avoid any communication with any federal effort for fear of being deported other consequences.

It is past time for our local leaders to act.


Carl Parker

Port Arthur