KATHIE’S KORNER — It’s a new day, for sure

Published 12:05 am Saturday, January 11, 2020

As 2020 is upon us, it will be time to turn over our calendars or buy a new one and make sure we sign our checks and any other documents with the year 2020. By these small adjustments on our desks or other business areas, we should be aware of change, maybe even look for possible, personal corners in our lives that need a change for freshness, or new areas for us to motivate our time and energies. We should always be looking for ways to help others in our families, our church, our neighbors, co-workers and friends.

I like a phrase our pastor, Ron Hammonds, said lately to “point people to Jesus.” That is a wonderful direction to point someone to. First of all, you’ll find there is eternal life — I always say to people who are embarrassed by this invitation for “forever” that I don’t want to get to heaven and them not be there. Second there’s having a Lord and Savior you can count on for daily perfect directions, upcoming decisions or if you’re lost. Third you can find all the promises and Love for you that you can read about in His Word. Finally, there’s healing in our minds, bodies and spirit, if we’ve been lied to or tricked. These are only four of the benefits. I know you can think of more if you know Jesus already.

It is so simple to say a prayer, ask Jesus into your heart and He and our Father God come into your life with a fresh, peaceful way to live. Yes, it’s that simple. Then, you will want to either study or be taught His great, exciting, powerful, fun, heart-rending Scriptures. I am one who likes it both ways. Even though I have teaching gifts, I am on the front row with my Bible and note-taking materials, as Pastor Ron, being such a great teacher, preacher and leader, teaches our church-family with a tender heart, yet he has powerful advice, if needed, being a pastor’s pastor and teacher’s teacher. He always has a hilarious story or experience he’s had, and I am his “loyal laugher” if that is a phrase. A fun sense-of-humor is a gift, I so enjoy mine!

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