Groves, Port Neches receive CDBG grant for sewer, water projects

Published 12:15 am Thursday, December 26, 2019

The cities of Port Neches and Groves have received the Texas Community Development Block Grant to begin repair, renovation and rejuvenation services in projects ranging from sewer lines to water stations.

Groves City Manager D.E. Sosa said the city’s 2020 grant project includes improvement of sewer lines and services for low to moderate-income portions of the city.

“Some of the issues we have in town are replacing the manholes and fixing deteriorating pipes,” he said. “The sewer gas eats the tops out of the pipes. Infiltration is another problem.”

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Infiltration is groundwater that enters sanitary sewer systems through cracks or leaks in the sewer pipes. Sosa said fixing the infiltration issues is a priority.

“We’ve done manhole projects, line holes, lift station projects, basically rehabilitation projects of existing lines that need attention,” he said. “So that’s what we will begin working on the first of the year.”

The CDBG Grant Program is providing the City of Groves $250,000 for their sewer line project, with matching funds from the city of up to $50,000.

Cities under the 50,000-population mark are eligible to apply for the grant. After a careful competition those selected are given funds depended on the presented project and future needs.

Groves has received the grant 15 out of 17 times.

“Everybody basically has limited funds, they all put their projects together and get points,” Sosa said. “We help get the grant together and present it the best way we can. If we score high enough we are funded. The higher you score the better chances you get of coming into the money.

“Also in order to receive these funds there are strings attached. You have to agree that you’ll go by (the Texas Agricultural Department’s) rules and regulations. We follow their guidelines set by the CDBG Grant.”

The City of Groves entered into an administration contract with David J. Waxman Inc. for the sewer project and approved a resolution adopting civil rights policies and plans for the grant at Monday’s city council meeting.

Work on the sewer line project begins in January. For more information, visit

On Dec. 19, the City of Port Neches made plans to utilize its CDBG grant by using the funds to repair the Grigsby Avenue Lift Station.

Port Neches City Manager Andre Wimer said the Community Development Block Grant 2020 project totals $275,000, with the city matching approximately $153,000 in funds.

“We’ve received the grant in the past,” he said. “In this particular instance, we are getting involved in the Grigsby Avenue Lift Station to provide new pumps, new mechanical items and those types of things.”

Wimer said the lift station needs mechanical updates due to age.

“The equipment is aging, so under the CDBG program we are finally able to make the repairs because the city was successful in receiving the funding,” he said. “The benefit is simply that the lift statin is rehabilitated and able to continue to provide the services it provides within the sewer and sanitary system.”

After approving routine measurements such as engineering contracts, civil rights policies and plans at the recent city council meeting, Wimer said the next step will include design plans for the station beginning in January.

For more information, visit