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Texas Gas Service: Have natural gas appliances checked after explosion

Texas Gas Service, Port Neches’ natural gas provider, announced Wednesday afternoon that it is aware of the explosion at the TCP plant but has no known issues with their natural gas distribution system. Texas Gas Service will still be checking the system as a precaution.

Texas Gas Service recommends that any customer whose homes or businesses were damaged from the explosion should discontinue use of natural gas appliances and call a qualified contractor to inspect the appliances and piping, even if they appear to be working properly.

Customers who smell natural gas or have any other natural gas emergency should leave the area then call 911 and the Texas Gas Service emergency line at 800-959-5325. Texas Gas will respond as quickly as conditions allow. Customers should not smoke or use electrical equipment until they are a safe distance away and should not return until told it is safe by an emergency responder or Texas Gas Service employee.

Be aware of natural gas meters and pipelines during cleanup, and call 811 before any digging or tree removal to locate underground utilities for free.