Groves Pecan Queen’s Scholarship Pageant Winners

Published 2:02 pm Sunday, September 22, 2019

Queen Category

2019-2020 Groves Pecan QueenGrace Elisabeth Richard

1st Runner-up – Isabelle Marie Colin

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2nd Runner-up – Elizabeth Lee Shirley

Miss Congeniality – Rayden Guerrero

Most PHOTOGENIC – Preslee Clark

2019 Groves Pecan Pageant Queen Grace Richard

Princess Category

2019-2020 Groves Pecan Princess – Hannah Mae Walker

1st Runner-up – Vivien Ree Thames

2nd Runner-up – Brookelynn Richard

Most PHOTOGENIC – Jessika Walter

Junior Miss Category

2019-2020 Groves Pecan Junior Miss – Alesandria Marie Cardenas

1st Runner-up – Isabella Delarosa

2nd Runner-up – Ava Leigh Borne

Most PHOTOGENIC – Bryanna LeiAnn Vice

Countess Category

2019-2020 Groves Pecan Countess – Bella Darborne

1st Runner-up – Olivia Alyse Richard

2nd Runner-up – Kari Alexsys Klinkhammer

Most PHOTOGENIC – Alexandra Shores

Duchess Category

2019-2020 Groves Pecan Duchess – Lilyian Hallmark

1st Runner-up – Elizabeth Jane Walker

2nd Runner-up – Maesyn Savell

Most PHOTOGENIC – Elizabeth Jane Walker

Little Miss Category

2019-2020 Groves Pecan Little Miss – Rylee Faye Wyble

1st Runner-up – Ella Grace Stutz

2nd Runner-up – Ayva Garcia

Most PHOTOGENIC – Savannah Leigh Schrader

Petite Miss Category

2019-2020 Groves Pecan Petite Miss – Aspen Alyse Guy

1st Runner-up –Calleigh Vara

2nd Runner-up – Loren Hope Gary

Most PHOTOGENIC – Loren Hope Gary