Daycare for dogs – Pucci Chateau – opens in Nederland

Published 12:13 am Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The former location of Posh Pets in Nederland has a new name and a new pack leader.

Renee Norris, who worked during her off time at Posh Pets for Alisa Lemoine, set up shop in the old building at 409 S. Memorial Freeway in Nederland to start her own dog daycare and boutique, Pucci Chateau, something she, as an avid animal lover, has wanted to do for a while now.

“As soon as I started working here, probably the first month, I told myself I was going to buy this from [Lemoine],” Norris said. “I finally talked her into it last year. I’m up to about $50,000 in renovations, and I still have a little bit left to finish.

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“I love it though. Who doesn’t want to come to work and deal with dogs all day?”

Jagger, a Labradoodle, and Echo, a German Shepherd, play with Renee Norris on Monday at Pucci Chateau in Nederland. (Brad Robichaux/The News)

Norris has herself worked with animals much of her adult life.

“I have done animal rescue since I was about 19 years old,” she said. “I have done animal rehabilitation with everything from bobcats to skunks. I’ve just always had animals in my life. I just have a passion for animals.”

Pucci Chateau (pronounced like “Gucci”) offers dog daycare, boarding, grooming and training, all within flexible hours. The mission: To treat every dog with love and respect. To provide a healthy, happy and loving experience for every dog they have the privilege of being trusted to care for.

Norris, a nurse by training who calls herself a lifelong caregiver and animal fanatic, wants to be as accommodating as she can for all dogs, though not every pup is quite a match with the pack.

“There’s a lot more to putting dogs together than people think,” she said. “It’s a lot safer place than going to the park. All it takes is one dog to mess up the entire pack.”

Photos of the daycare play group adorn the walls at Pucci Chateau. (Brad Robichaux/The News)

For the daycare, a dog will undergo a temperament evaluation to judge its level of aggression with toys, treats, kennels and play. Owners set an appointment for Norris to make an initial evaluation, then further evaluations are held through the rest of the week. If the pet is a good fit, gets along with everyone and is found to be easy-going with all the daycare’s activities, it can join the group.

For boarding, less sociable dogs have a few more options. Pucci Chateau has special rooms and private play areas where dogs won’t have to see another dog. VIP suites are also available, and dog cameras operate 24 hours a day.

BJ Land, with Lone Star K-9, comes by and offers a weekly individual training program. Land has worked with service dogs and trained dogs for narcotics sniffing, basic obedience and police work.