Christus St. Mary Hospital distributing artifacts via internet

Published 12:14 am Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Christus St. Mary Hospital, 3600 Gates Blvd., is giving people a chance to own “A Piece of History.”

The hospital has a formal online process in which current and former physicians, nurses, associates, donors, volunteers and others in the community can request to receive a St. Mary artifact.

The hospital, which has announced it will close its doors in July, is using to field request for artifacts on the campus.

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“St. Mary hospital has a long, rich history in our community,” the release on the site reads. “There are more than 89 years of memories, artifacts, plaques, mementos and more both inside and outside of the hospital walls. And, we understand there is a desire among those mentioned below wanting to honor the legacy of St. Mary by owning a piece of this rich history.”

Those interested in putting in a request for an artifact can go to the site and type in “a piece of history” into the search bar. After clicking on the event, click on the green “register” button.

According to the release those wishing to register should give as much detail about the item(s) they are requesting, along with contact information.

“We will be collecting all requests through this forum, and begin to work through the process of allocating the items to the appropriate individuals,” the release states.

The release notes Sponsoring Congregations (Sisters) will have first and foremost priority to any and all items at the campus.

“You will be notified if we are able to honor your request, and a scheduled pick-up date and time will be provided,” the release reads. “We ask for your patience during this process, as the requests are numerous and we are dedicated to inventorying each item with special care. The decommissioning process of these special items will take much time, thus distribution will not occur until well after closure. It is our intent to honor as many requests as possible.”

Representatives of the 229-bed hospital, 89 years old, will also look to make the best use of the equipment, fixtures, recyclable materials and reusable assets, “ensuring we remain attuned to our environmental footprint and responsibility to our Earth.”

If you have additional questions related to this matter, please contact St. Mary administration at 409-899-7700.

Representatives from St. Mary Hospital did not return calls for comment for this story.