ASK A COP — Legal, but ‘shaking my head’

Published 2:56 pm Tuesday, June 11, 2019


From Port Arthur Chief of Police Timothy Duriso and all of the sworn and civilian employees of the Port Arthur Police Department, we would like to take a moment a honor all of the dedicated, hard-working fathers and men on Fathers Day this Sunday. We hope you are able to be catered to and have a day to relax and enjoy family and friends. 


Issac from Beaumont asks: Officer Antoine, I was surfing online the other day and I came across a picture that absolutely blew my mind! I saw a picture of a station wagon vehicle with a window air-conditioner in the passenger back window and a generator on top of the vehicle. Officer Antoine, when I saw this all I could do was shake my head, because window units are for houses, not vehicles. I now wonder if this is even legal! Is it legal to drive on the road with a window unit and a generator on top of the vehicle?

Answer: Good question, Issac! Wow! I personally have never seen such a set up but I’m sure as everyone one else I would stare and scratch my head in amazement. With the summer months in Texas getting hotter, motorists do what they can to assure their comfort while on the road. Issac, shockingly it’s not illegal to have a window unit installed in the passenger back window and a generator on top of a station wagon vehicle as long as they are secured properly. Most will do whatever it takes (legally) to stay cool during this Southeast Texas — actually, the whole state — of Texas summer heat!


Rebecca from Port Arthur asks: I had a friend go to renew her license recently and was told that as of this past Tuesday she was required to have a birth certificate and her Social Security card to renew. I looked online and there was no mention of this on the Department of Public Safety website. Her license is current and not yet expired. Is this a new procedure or was she told wrong? Thanks In advance!

Answer: Good question, Rebecca! Well, the state of Texas, as are many other states, is constantly revolving to properly identify persons who apply for driver’s   licenses or Identification cards in their states. In that effort, of course, we who reside in Texas legally have to continue to prove ourselves to be legally here. Many may consider this to be overly proving our citizenship. Rebecca, I encourage you to go back to the Texas Department of Public Safety website and go to license renewal and click on checklist of thing needed to renew a driver’s license in person. Rebecca, a birth certificate may be required if you haven’t presented it to the state previously, and, yes, a Social Security card is required also! I’m not certain when this change took place but these below listed items are definitely required in a Texas when renewing a driver’s license or state ID Card:

  1. Application for Renewal
  2. Proof of U.S. citizenship (if you have not previously provided proof)
  3. Or updated evidence of lawful presence
  4. Proof of ID
  5. Proof of Social Security number!


Nikki from Port Arthur asks: Enjoying this column. I love Tuesday’s edition of The News so I can read Ask A Cop! My husband and I are always on the road going somewhere; we enjoy our road trips. He enjoys them so he actually likes me to drive so he can recline his seat all the way down so he can take a nap. Since reading your column I now question if his sleeping is legal. Officer Antoine, is sleeping in a vehicle legal in Texas?

Answer: Good question, Nikki! It’s summertime and the largest travel season is upon us, which means there’s gonna be a whole lot of passenger sleeping occurring. Nikki, there is nothing wrong with your husband catching a few winks while you drive or vice versa, but when he reclines his seat all the way back the safety belt is rendered useless. Therefore, if you are not strapped in correctly by the seatbelt the state of Texas says you don’t have it on at all! Nikki remind your husband that the misuse of safety belts is very dangerous and if in the unfortunate event of crash with his seat in that position his chances of being injured are greatly increased. So Nikki, sleeping while on a road trip is fine as long as you are properly secured by the correct safety belt system.


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