LifeShare Blood Center out of emergency status but still in need

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, June 5, 2019

BEAUMONT — LifeShare Blood Center’s emergency appeal issued a week ago has helped but the need is still there.

Benjamin Prijatel with LifeShare Blood Center said nearly 3,000 people came forward to help, but available blood products are still below safe levels.

“Our loyal blood donors are the best part of LifeShare, but unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer each day. We can’t keep relying on the same group of people time and again,” Prijatel said. “We need new donors to step up, brush their fear aside, and decide they’re going to tackle this problem before another emergency happens.”

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The need for donations rises during the summer with kids out of school, people’s routines change and donating blood might not be on their mind as much.

When Prijatel issued the call for help last week the biggest need was for donors with the blood type O. As of this past Friday there was less than a half-day supply — about 11 hours worth — of the most transfused blood type, while in Beaumont there were zero units on the shelf.

When the appeal began, LifeShare was rationing blood to hospitals and patient care was being jeopardized, according to a press release. Currently LifeShare has a blood supply of about 2.6 days, which is three times more than they had when the emergency call went out.

But that number can creep down at any time.

LifeShare’s Beaumont center is located at 4305 Laurel St. and can be reached by calling 409-838-5289.


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