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Motiva, chamber to mark downtown investments


Staff report

The Greater Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce announced Thursday a celebration of Motiva’s plans to locate offices in two historic downtown buildings.

An event called “Imagine … Port Arthur,” set for 4:30 p.m. May 16, has been scheduled in the 500 block of Austin Avenue downtown, where Motiva will unveil plans for the Federal Building and Adams Buildings, both located at the intersection of Austin Avenue and Fifth Streets.

Motiva has planned to close deals on the buildings — they have both been vacant for decades and are in dilapidated condition — around May 15. The company has also discussed purchasing the nearby 10-story Sabine Hotel, also vacant for decades, but no deal has been announced.

Motiva’s announced plans for the Federal Building — built in 1912, it is the former site of the Post Office and other federal agencies; and the six-story Adams Building, built in 1926 — are to relocate office workers there from the Motiva Enterprises location on Savannah Avenue.