27 indicted in multi-state ATM robbery conspiracy

Published 12:48 pm Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Special to The News

PLANO — U.S. Attorney Joseph D. Brown announced Wednesday that 27 Houston residents have been indicted and arrested as the result of an investigation into ATM robberies in the Eastern District of Texas.

From August 2017 through January 2019, the defendants are alleged to have conspired with each other, and others, to participate in and commit at least 47 strong-arm robberies of automated teller machine technicians as they attempted to service the machines.

In addition to multiple robberies in the Eastern District of Texas, including robberies in Plano, Allen, McKinney, and Texarkana, the suspects are accused of robberies in multiple other cities throughout Texas, and in Georgia, North Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois and Tennessee. Estimated losses to financial institutions are believed to be about $2,779,000.

The suspects are linked to a criminal gang based in the 5th Ward area of Houston known as the Market Street Money Gang, or MSMG. A federal grand jury indicted seven individuals in August 2018 charging them with conspiracy to commit robbery interfering with interstate commerce and robbery interfering with interstate commerce. Since that time, superseding indictments have been returned by the grand jury and the number of defendants charged has increased to 27.

Twenty-three of the indicted defendants have been arrested. Four suspects are at large. The arrested individuals named in the indictment, all from Houston, as of Feb. 6 are:

  • Paul Roosevelt Bank III, 24
  • John Felton Boutte Jr. 29
  • David Benford Dorsey, 38
  • Keith Dewayne Dorsey, 30
  • Kevin Dewayne Harris, 32
  • Jesse Banks Motton Jr., 33
  • Charles Jermaine Randle, 33
  • George Sherman Becks, 25
  • Marquett Cains Dorsey, 34
  • Patrick Renoid Smith, 32
  • Brandon Jamal Pinson, 32
  • Tracy Oneal Blunt Jr., 25
  • Cyrus Ray McQuarn, 32
  • Deandre Marker Adams, 43
  • Leslie James Adams, 26
  • Tyrone Christopher Goree, 36
  • Lorie Anita Montgomery, 26
  • Majel D. Mapp, 24
  • Latrell Rayshod Phillips, 23
  • Darius Marquise Celestine, 29
  • Allen Joseph Lancelin, 26
  • Oliver Mavrick Arrington, 30
  • Marshall Lee Ware Jr., 39

If convicted, the defendants could each face up to 20 years in federal prison.

“This was a large criminal enterprise,” said U.S. Attorney Joseph Brown. “The criminal activity spanned a good part of the country. They hurt people, scared people and a lot of money was stolen.

“The FBI and our state and local partners worked hard to put these cases together, and with the breadth of this conspiracy, that was a difficult task. We intend to make sure these people go to prison.”

The FBI, Texas Department of Public Safety, Dallas Police Department, Houston Police Department, Plano Police Department, McKinney Police Department, Allen Police Department, Texarkana Police Department, and Nashville, Arkansas Police Department are investigating. This case is being prosecuted by assistant U.S. attorneys in the Plano office.