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Governor comes to town: Abbot rallies with Texas Republicans in Port Neches

PORT NECHES — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott came to Southeast Texas to the Jefferson County Republican Party headquarters for a Get Out the Vote Rally in Port Neches on Wednesday.

Abbott, along with local Republican candidates, was in attendance to encourage Republican voters to get to the polls.

Abbott spoke about the time he spent with President Donald Trump during his rally in Houston on Monday.

“When I was with him on Monday, he was talking about his promises,” Abbott said. “It’s nice to have a president that that’s living up to the promises that he made. He promised he was going to cut your taxes and he did. He promised that he was going to cut regulations and he did.”

The Texas governor also mentioned Trump’s Supreme Court appointments and economic growth.

“(Texas) now leads the entire nation in new job creation,” Abbott said. “In the past year alone, we created about two Jefferson Counties (500,000 new jobs) in the state of Texas. We have record unemployment in Texas and lead the nation in economic development.”

Abbott said the Texas economy produces $1.7 trillion a year.

“We’re so big, we don’t compare our economy to other states. We compare our economy to other countries. If you did that, Texas would have the 10th-largest economy in the world. We have a larger economy than Russia and that makes me more powerful than (Vladimir) Putin.”

Abbott said he is working with the president to secure the border between United States and Mexico.

“This caravan of people, who are a aggregation of people from across the world, are trying to reach our border,” Abbott said. “That is not going to happen; that is not going to be allowed into the state of Texas.”

Abbott said Texas has already deployed 1,000 National Guard troops to the border.

The governor said he wants to work with representatives after the election to help the educational system, which he said needs to be improved, but is doing better than it has ever been.

“We want to give teachers the pay raise they deserve and we make sure we take care of their retirement system and healthcare system. We will lead the nation in education like we lead the nation in jobs.”

Texas currently ranks 43rd in the nation in education spending per student.