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Coburn case dismissed: Groves councilman sought to block recall election

A Jefferson County judge has ruled against Groves Councilman Cross Coburn who was seeking to stop a recall election.

Judge Donald Floyd of the 172nd District Court dismissed the case with prejudice on Monday.

Jill Pierce, Coburn’s attorney, said that while she does not agree with the ruling she understands the basis. She also plans to ask Floyd to review and charge the order and remove “with prejudice.”

The ruling “with prejudice” basically means this is a final judgment and no more action can be made.

“We hope Cross prevails on the recall but if he doesn’t we will file a mandamus with the appeals court,” Pierce said.

Coburn filed a request for a temporary injunction on Aug. 7 hoping to prevent the recall from being placed on the November ballot. A request for a declaratory judgment was also filed because Pierce found “numerous improper signatures” on the recall petition.

Pierce and Coburn were in court on Friday along with the city’s attorney Frank Calvert.

Coburn has been in the public eye since March after local media and the city of Groves each received an anonymous folder in the mail with risqué photos of him. The photos were taken from Grindr, a dating app.

Coburn believes he is the victim of a political smear campaign.