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Lend a hand to help the Gift of Life program

We would like to thank the Gift of Life for expanding services and for also seeking community support from within Port Arthur.

The 22-year-old nonprofit has helped hundreds of people from our area for decades; and now, when they seek help from our community, we hope our community does the right thing and returns the favor.

The group is seeking a business partner to underwrite their Blessing Bags food program, and we are sure someone will step up and do the right thing. Ideally the Chamber of Commerce will put the word out and help organize something — a group of businesses could agree to underwrite one month a year, for example — and soon this worthy idea will be fully funded.

However, even more than money, the group needs community leaders and especially church leaders and retired people to volunteer to talk to groups and translate.

If you need something to do or if you want to give back and participate with something more substantial than a donation, please call their offices and offer up your time. Speaking volunteers need not be medical experts — only generous.

To sign up, please call 409-833-3663.