Lights. Camera. Action!

Published 2:24 pm Saturday, December 3, 2016

The season is upon us. Christmas lights are going up, cameras are taking pictures of decorated houses and families are having fun getting into the spirit of Christmas together.

For some, the fun began a good month ago. Nope, I’m not going to tell on myself. I’m going to blame it all on my better half. But what do you say we tell this story to the tune of “T’was the Night before Christmas”?

T’was the day after Halloween, And all through the house

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My wife was yelling, “Can we put the tree up Now?”

With a befuddled look, but knew I shouldn’t dare

Her excitement continued as she said “Let’s put it over there.”

So out to the garage and up in the rafters I climbed

Through boxes of decorations that I knew would not be far behind.

I pulled down the Christmas tree box and decorations just so.

Then said a lot of bad words when I stubbed my little toe.

After regaining my composure, the tree finished its journey.

On the living room floor it laid, and me not seeking an attorney.

So up went the stand and the separate sections one by one.

Thank goodness for being smart last year, the lights came on this one.

As the decorations went on, there was an issue right away

We ran out of hangers for the balls, trees and Christmas sleighs.

Guess we will wait and finish it tomorrow.

Not so fast, let’s see if our neighbor has some we can borrow.

Of course she did not, laughing that we already put our tree up

So off to WalMart I flew in my little red put-put.

Finally home from the world’s favorite place

My frustration was evident by the look on my face.

With a chocolate chip cookie handed to me by my bride,

And I was ready to finish this tree with her by my side.

An hour or so later, the tree was all done

It was almost midnight and so was I…

Fast forward to the next morning, where I had hoped to sleep in.

A voice whispered in my ear, “can we put the light on the house today, if not today when?”

After a 5-hour energy drink I was back in the rafters looking for lights.

Could it be I was only dreaming and it was still middle of the night?

We went through the lights string by string

Only to find that not many were still working.

So off again we flew this time to Big Lots

Where we bought so many dang lights it looked like we hit the jackpot.

The day was spent climbing and hanging and getting scrape after scrape

But soon we were done with nothing left to do but wait.

When the sun finally set and all the lights were turned on

A masterpiece twinkled before us and would until dawn.

Then my wife said, “Hey What’s that?” why that’s our Halloween Skeleton

Still hanging from the roof wearing a Santa hat.

I thought it fitting since we started this right after Halloween

So now my decision-making privileges are gone, but Santa can still be seen.

If you drive past our house one night we hope that you will see

All the excitement that Christmas brings and can truly be.

Because in the end it’s really about enjoying the season

Which can start at anytime for anyone even without a reason.