CULINARY THRILL SEEKING: Welcome to Karbach Brewing Co.

Published 11:28 pm Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Look for Love Street in Houston — it’s an actual address — and a Kolsch style blonde from Karbach Brewing Co. When I got a postcard invite to a marriage reception, I thought the Love Street can was designed by the artist groom. But it’s a thing. There’s also a Karbach Street where a groovy brewery is available for tours. Best yet, there’s a hip restaurant and upstairs reception area and the food and beverages were all of the best. The blend of informal and thoughtful creativity was seamless, beginning with appetizers in the hall that, simply put, was an artful mountain of cheese with grapes, nuts and sundries studding the landscape. It was a delicious conversation starter.

Our tour guide let us taste the barley, which I noted would be a fiber-filled crunchy topping for Greek yogurt. Later he proclaimed us the most adventurous group he’d guided per our willingness to sample the barley.

Thanks C&E, for the invite.

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Zatarain’s saves
the turkey

They make turkey hash after Thanksgiving in some regions. We make gumbo in Southeast Texas. We look forward to it, plan for it and fight over the carcass as much as the drumstick.

Zatarain’s suggests a box of their gumbo or jambalaya mix would make it even easier to keep the flow of leftover turkey from fridge to table. Look on their website for ideas. We hardly need a recipe down here, so pick some up when you do your seasonal, seasoned shopping.

Makers sent me some to play with, so I asked my mom what she had in her freezer to mix in. She usually is meticulous about labeling, but we had to wait for this package to defrost to discover its contents. Crawfish! Bingo. Zatarain’s blessed another Sunday dinner.

T-fal PerformaPro Cookware

This September foodies got another taste of what T-fal can do with the new PerfromaPro Cookware featuring their new Techno Release™ technology, which means the textured interior, little indentions in regular folk talk, create “soft contact zones for easier food release and clean up. Stainless steel pans look so gleaming and clean well. Surely you know someone who loves to cook this holiday. A set of 14 is $99.99. I didn’t have some of these pot sizes. As I write this for you, I’m simmering a pot of giant Peruvian lima beans in the perfect pot.