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PRUETT COLUMN: Strong is no longer the man for Longhorns

If you are a Texas Longhorns fan and you are OK with losing like this, go ahead.

Keep on keeping on.

Fine by me. Rack up these embarrassing losses and keep pretending life under Charlie Strong will one day get better.

Enjoy yourselves. Tell yourself giving up 672 yards to Oklahoma in a 45-40 Sooners victory is just fine and dandy.

This sports writer is through. Fire Charlie Strong and fire him now.

The Longhorns cannot wait anymore. Strong needs to be done, and it needs to happen before he can fool Texas fans with a win next week over Iowa State. Oh wait, even games against the Cyclones are no gimmes anymore.

Any Strong supporter remember last year’s 24-0 ISU shutout of Texas?

The Longhorns of 2016 are only getting worse. Saturday was the second game in a row the Longhorns let an opponent average 7.8 yards per play.

Oklahoma did it and Oklahoma State did it a week ago when the Cowboys won 49-31. At least the Cowboys only racked up 555 yards of offense that night and not over 600, right Strong guy?

It is time to let this guy go. Put him out to the pasture.

Strong supporters always say the same thing right now and it goes something like this: “Give him time.”

Give him time? Wait on these young guys to grow up? These are the same words Texas fans said before last year and here we are again spitting out the same remarks with a 2-3 season.

Take a quick look at what some of college football’s best coaches did in their third year. I understand these are the best of the best, but isn’t that what Longhorns’ fans should want for their school?

Nick Saban in his third year at Alabama went 14-0 and won the BCS championship. His third year at LSU, he went 8-5 after going 10-3 in his second year with the Tigers. Saban and LSU won the Sugar Bowl in that second season.

Les Miles was 9-4 in his third year at Oklahoma State and he was 12-2 in his third season at LSU. His Tigers won the BCS championship that year.
Jimbo Fisher was 12-2 at Florida State and won the Orange Bowl, Bob Stoops was 11-2 at Oklahoma and won the Cotton Bowl, Mack Brown went 9-3 with the Longhorns and Pete Carroll went 12-1 with a Rose Bowl victory at Southern California.

Charlie Strong no longer deserves any more time. His time is up. He is a fraud of a head coach.

The way his team is losing is an embarrassment to Texas. The Longhorns should not be some middle-of-the-road joke team like a North Carolina State, Maryland and Missouri.

This is the same school over the last decade or so that has produced Vince Young, Colt McCoy, Earl Thomas, Jamaal Charles, Vinny Vaccaro and Brian Orakpo.

But hey, if you are a Texas fan and you want to sit around and wait for years to come, be my guest.

Saturday, though, should be proof to everyone these Longhorns are not improving.

Three weeks ago fans cringed when Texas gave up 507 yards to California in a 50-43 loss.

Well, the Longhorns have given up 1,227 yards in the two games since with Strong taking over more control of the defense.

The recruiting classes and the talent is there to be used. It is time to find a head coach who knows what they are doing to lead the team now. Strong is not the guy.

Gabriel Pruett: 721-2436. Twitter: @PaNewsGabe

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