OUTDOORS: Try these five underrated Southeast Texas fishing holes

Published 5:31 pm Saturday, July 30, 2016

Last week’s story on bank fishing locations received a tremendous amount of feedback. This week I would like to talk about five fairly large areas that offer fishing that gets little attention.

First up is Adams Bayou.

While there is no question Taylor and Hildebrandt have better bass fishing and certainly more large fish (by river standards), Adams has some quality bass fishing.

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For kayakers the area north of Interstate 10 is accessible and receives almost no pressure. There are plenty of good spots to fish and few people.

The stretch between the river and the Dupont Drive bridge can be good for numbers of fish and the area north of there probably houses some of the bigger bass.

If you want bigger bass here fish slow and fish a topwater or a jig. You won’t get many bites but you might catch a 2- to 3-pounder.

Although it is a long run from any boat dock, the rocks at Constance Beach east of the Sabine Jetties offers phenomenal action for speckled trout and redfish.

When the surf is running sandy green and the wave action is minimal there may not be a better spot to catch specks in the surf than on the back side of those rocks.  The area for some reason is loaded with seaweed at times, and I mean loaded, but when that is cleared out, the fishing can be tremendous.

Make sure and keep an eye on the weather because that run is longer than you think.

The Sabine Neches Waterway between Keith Lake and the Causeway gets some pressure, but I think few anglers realize the potential it has for trout, flounder and absolute huge bull drum.

For anglers who have a good understanding of working complex modern fish finders, this area is a gold mine with lots of dropoffs, even boat wrecks and other cover in which to find fish.

When you see this area covered with mullet and shad, stop and fish. There are trout amongst them.

Old River Cove on the extreme north end of Sabine Lake is shallow and getting more so by the year, but for angler with flat bottoms, skiffs and kayaks, this area can be red hot for redfish. Big schools of reds come into the cove at times, and the area can be outstanding for night fishing.

When tides run high the marsh on the edge and the shorelines holds good numbers of flounder as well.

Collier’s Ferry Park in Beaumont on the Neches River provides good access via their boat ramp for bass fishing in the Neches and good catfish and garfish action from the bank.

That is an area I plan on fishing more and look forward to soaking some cut bait to see what I can hook into in the coming weeks.

Let me know how you do, and please share any photos of fish caught from these locales.

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